About Us

Welcome to the All Things Geekery podcast! We’re Detached and Victus, and we’ve got a lot of experience in the area of geekery. We are two friends who have managed to bring geekery into our lives well past our childhood! We now have families, jobs, and do all the regular day to day adulting, but we’ve never lost the love of geekery and it’s vast space of topics. We don’t do toxic or bring a view of raging, that stuff is for the birds! Our outlook on life and geekery is very positive and optimistic as we believe the most important thing about being a geek, is doing life and hanging with other geeks! We bring tightly focused discussions on specific topics to help drive the show. Our whole goal is to have fun, and show that it truly is possible to enjoy the geeky things of life and still be a functional and responsible adult. We want to connect with new people and be your friend and create a very open and positive geeky community for everyone! We started this podcast because we really want there to be a safe, welcoming, positive geek community for everyone. We want to talk about stuff we love, make friends, and most importantly, make sure that everyone feels appreciated and that there’s a place for them. So whether your love is video games, comic books, movies, computers and tech, or whatever else…come hang with us and let’s geek out together.